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Dinglederper Patreon Leather Lewd Costume Leaked.

Dinglederper Patreon Leather Lewd Costume Leaked

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    1. ACAB ?

      January 2, 2021 at 2:23 pm

      this bitch is borderline retarded, it’s kinda funny. phantoml0rd was trying his damnedest to get kaceytron to go to some gaming con with him in the early days of Twitch, but she didn’t want none of it. he worked his way down a list of all the twitch girls he liked and, dinglederper was the first (only) bite. the one chick with low enough standards to go meet and fuck some dude, because he was Twitch famous, among 14-year-olds. then they became a permanent thing.

      anyway, despite the two never having any interaction, dinglederper has always aware that her boyfriend wanted several other female streamers more than her, and apparently always resented kaceytron over phantoml0rd’s public overtures towards her. talked shit on her on social media and stuff

      when all that csgo fraud website blew up and phantoml0rd got exposed for ripping off children and his own community to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, a lot of people knew that dinglederper was also involved… she helped design the site, after all, and lived with phantoml0rd.

      kaceytron was pointing this out during the dogpile on phantoml0rd… you know, “don’t forget, this bitch was in on it also!”

      dinglederper’s twitter response was classic:

      “you should eat some makeup, because you’re a bad person!”

      it’s like, bitch, do you maybe mean, “you should eat some makeup, because you’re ugly on the inside???” fuckin dummy, lol.

      anyway she might be literally retarded and basically a whore, but she does have millions of dollars, stolen or not… so there’s always that!

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