Liz Katz Nude Strip Tease Tohru Cosplay -

Liz Katz Nude Strip Tease Tohru Cosplay

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    A sexy Tohru cosplay  to start off this week?  Yes, please!   I have been really, really into manga (especially so the past few years) and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is one of my favorites!   Tohru is a dragon who can magically turn into a human and chooses to live in the human world as a maid to Miss Kobayashi (an overworked  human in Japan who accidentally invites dragons to live with her when she’s drunk).    I would have done Tohru’s usual maid getup but I know most of you would be a bit bored by that.   (Hey they say you should “know your audiance”)  So I instead stuck with Tohru’s bikini cosplay.  I found the horns themselves on Etsy from Soda Props.  If you aren’t familiar with the manga check it out!  If you aren’t really into Japanese comic books, give the anime a shot!  (its pretty funny as well!)

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