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Danielle Beaulieu
Danielle Beaulieu

Age: October 7, 1991

Gender: female

Eye Color: amber

Hair Color: black

Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Country: USA

City: Boston in Massachusetts

Official Site: Visit Site

Danielle Beaulieu is creating Cosplay, Tutorials, Props, Fan art, Armor, Boudoir.

Hey guys! I’m Danielle Beaulieu, but you can just call me Danielle or Danielle “Baloo” since no one can pronounce it! I live near Boston in Massachusetts, been here my entire life! I am an ex-World of Warcraft addict and used to raid 8 hours a night, 5 nights a week in two guilds as high as top 100 US. Lately, I spend my time playing a MUCH healthier amount of video games and now I have even picked up this crazy hobby called cosplay! I found a way to project my obsessions in a productive manner. I’ve had my own apartment since the young age of seventeen, still live here with my two shelter mutts Dante and Sophia. Growing up, my brother and I shared a passion for video games. We both became obsessed with MMO’s when we got our first PC. This is why a good portion of my cosplays today are inspired heavily by PC games.

I have been technically cosplaying for over a decade now. I was fourteen when I made my first cosplay, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 with my great grandmother. Before that, my dad used to make us our halloween costumes since my brother and I wanted to be characters like Charizard and other pokemon you couldn’t just buy at the halloween store. I picked up an interest for costume making from that. I would go to Anime Boston every year and attend panels with a small group of friends and browse the dealers room. I had NO idea cosplay or conventions would be so huge back then. I’ve always been a good artist so it was only a matter of time before my love for art and my obsession with video games crossed paths, I was pretty much destined to become a cosplayer at some point. However, It wasn’t until a few years ago that I quit raiding so much and focused on really harnessing my craftsmanship skills and putting out impressive work that would go on to gain me some recognition in the cosplay community.

In the past three years, cosplay has shaped me into a better person. I was always a hermit, I grew up preferring to stay in on my games than go out and socialize. I always had a hard time with social interaction and I still struggle with social anxiety. Being pretty much flung into this cosplay world all of a sudden thanks to social media has made me face my fears of social interaction straight-on and helped me cope better. I have learned so much and come so far, I am so grateful to have had this life experience.

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