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Jodie Marie ASMR
Jodie Marie ASMR

Gender: female

Eye Color: amber

Hair Color: black

Official Site: Visit Site

Hi Everyone,
my name is Jodie and I create ASMR Videos. I am all new to this but enjoying exploring different ways in which I can share my content with my fellow tinglers.
I share my content on Youtube and was advised to take a look into Patreon so here I am.
So a bit about how I found ASMR and why I have decided to create ASMR Videos.

I found ASMR when I was 7 years old. My nan whispered to me as I was talking through my Grandads favourite programme, as children do. I told her about it and she said she had never heard of that happening before. Then I hadn’t really had it again until high school when a teacher whispered to me, as we had to sit in silence because no one could behave.  Then it was my sister that told me about the Youtube community. Over the last three years ASMR has helped me through some stressful times. I hated where I worked and it did really get me down but ASMR helped me sleep and relax before going into work. Because ASMR had helped me so much I decided to record a video to see If I was able to feel comfortable filming myself, with no real intention of putting it up.  As I had created it, I thought what have I got to lose!

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