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Gender: female

Eye Color: amber

Hair Color: black

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I am a college girl. I have to go to college for another 4 years. I live with
my younger sister, renting a small apartment, since I came to this city from
my native village to go to college. I have no job. My parents stayed in their
native village, they are not rich people and can no longer give me money. So
I’m actively looking for work, because I have to eat, pay rent, buy things.
But while there is no work. I’m not sure if i should do such twerk videos, but
now it needs to be tried, my goal is to stay in college and not to be kicked
out of the apartment.

Everything that I have now was bought in the past for pocket money
that parents used to give.
A lot of clothes you can see in my videos i borrow from my younger sister
or my friends.

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