Gender: female

Eye Color: amber

Hair Color: black

Country: USA

Thank you SO much for considering to support my channel! Ever since I started my channel, I wanted to create fun and interesting content! I have fun building extraordinary backgrounds and realizing new ideas! I love a clear and noise-free sound. In order of this I even barricaded my windows to get rid of the car’s noises behind them! And it’s full of stuff for the video backgrounds everywhere – looks pretty funny here ))) But the even funnier thing is – it was totally worth it! I just love to create high quality videos no matter what! It feels so great reading from all those people all over the planet! And it feels nice to know that there are people who get some help from it! Even a little is a lot when you know that you’re the one who made it happen! This channel means a lot to me – I get so much Love from it! I’m more self confident and happy! Thinking back, I was always a little bit lonely, but I can say that I’m not lonely anymore.
My neighbor’s who already have a small child, recently had a second child. Now I have trouble to record videos even at night! So I’m looking for a recording room to rent. A silent place where I can record during the day and there are no noisy neighbor’s above! )) And your support would be a big help for me! I’d be very happy to get it! Of course, I wilI find a solution regardless and find a way to keep my channel running. I love it and the whole community too much to stop now! But it would be a very big help if you could support me!

With Love,
your Pelagea

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