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Sleep In With Me!

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    Added: 2 years ago

    Sleep In With Me! —ASMR / Girlfriend role play clip

    My first attempt at an ASMR video! Grab your ear buds! Girlfriend role playing; Teasing with cleavage; Whispers; A few soft kisses and mouth noises; Quiet breathing and moaning/sighing; Crinkle noises with my blankets and sheets; New microphone!*I’m brand new to filming ASMR clips so I figured that Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos might be a new idea to some of you as well! Because of that, I decided to start with a calming, comfortable girlfriend-experience role play before I spring some of the more wild ideas that I have on you! It’s Saturday morning and for once you managed to sleep in a bit. You are almost always up with the sun and lately the few hours of sleep you have been getting have been pretty restless. You need more sleep. You want more sleep. But your brain is constantly running and sometimes you have a hard time turning the mental lights off in order to get some shut-eye. But your girlfriend is so good at keeping you in bed this morning. Her smiles, warm body, and soft whispers are begging you to sleep in for just a bit longer with her. Will you be able to fully relax again though? Many times, once you are up, you are up, even though you’d love to be dreaming again. Watch, but more importantly, listen and see if your girlfriend can lull you back to sleep with her!

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